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Welcome to the 31st season of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra!

This is a great time of change and growth for our organization.  Last season we celebrated our 30th anniversary in a big way, by traveling from past to present on a musical journey highlighting our history, present and future.

We said good bye to five-year Artistic Director, Sean Jones, who elevated our band and organization to an entirely new and dynamic level.  We found our home at the Hanna Theatre, our audience  quadrupled and each season was more exciting than the last because of his leadership and finesse.

This season we are welcoming new Artistic Director, Paul Ferguson.  It is an honor to work with someone with his vision, passion and talent.  He has planned an incredible season with exciting guest artists, collaborations with other arts organizations and a greater presence in the community and suburbs of Cleveland.  We’ve expanded our programming by adding Friday performances to our holiday concerts and we have doubled our efforts to perform run-out concerts and offer education and outreach programming.

From an Administration standpoint we have dedicated staff, an enthusiastic and hard working board, and a strategic plan in place to grow the organization from within and out.  We envision growing our staff, continuously improving our

operations and focusing our energy on audience development, donor cultivation and increasing employment opportunities for our musicians.  We are proud of what we do, who we serve and the experience we provide for our audiences.

Last, let us not forget the musicians that make up this world-class band.  This season I encourage you to enjoy the programming from the band as a whole and to focus on the individual musicians that are talented beyond belief.  Individually they are stars!  Put them together and its absolute magic.

If you love the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, this season we are asking for your help.

  • Help us get the word out of who we are and what we do. 
  • Bring your kids, friends and family to concerts.
  • Give us feedback on programing, customer service and anything else you need us to know.  (Take our online surveys, email us and/or give us a call.)
  • Contribute to our annual fund and encourage others to contribute—we cannot continue our mission without your crucial support.
  • Ask your employer if they have a company matching program.
  • Follow us on social media and share our posts.
  • Read our monthly e-newsletter to get the latest on community programming and events.
  • Continue coming to our concerts, filling our theatre with energy and joy.

Thank you for your patronage and support.  We wouldn’t be what we are without you. Here’s to a new chapter!  Help us write the story.

2014-2015 Donors

CJO Jazz Circle

CJO Founder’s Circle

Cleveland Foundation

Cuyahoga Arts & Culture

Eaton Corporation

The George Gund Foundation

Irving & Gloria Fine

Ohio Arts Council

Composer’s Circle


Kulas Foundation

John P. Murphy Foundation


Fred Weisman, In Loving Memory of My Gorgeous Wife Lois

Producer’s Circle

Anna Greenfield

Tribco, Inc.

Director’s Circle

Scott Balough

Steven Balough

Douglas & Barbara Bletcher

Eaton Corporation,

Employee Matching Gift Program

Charles & Charlotte Fowler

David & Sarah Gedeon

John & Beth Klayman

David & Katharine Parker

Ed Pivcevich

Dennis & Marcy Schwartz

Tee Stallworth

Adrienne L. Stemen

U.S. Bancorp Foundation

Employee Matching Gift Program

U.S. Bank Foundation

Mr. Dominic A. Visconsi, Sr.


Joel & Vivienne Brotman

Dr. Carol Cunningham

Charles & Chandra Dull

Eric & Debbie Friedman

vic & joan gelb

John & Carolyn Karkosiak

Susan & Eric Klein

Audrey & Kenny Koblitz

Marjorie Shorrock

Rob & Mindy Sikora


Barberton Anesthesia Care

Barbara Becker

Leonard Blondes

Paul Brakenbush

Evie Braman

Anne & Don Esarove

Jonathan Giblin

Tim Clarke & Linda Grandstaff

Rick and Carole Kender

Linda & Thomas Kiousis

Stanley Kline

Gregory Klucher & Heidi Koenig

George & Carole Morris

Jim Nousek

Michael & Lisa Orlandi

Marc Paige

Greg Polyak & Marcia Snavely

Bob & Linda Sebo

Roger & Cathryn Stanbridge

Nonie & Phil Stella

Sandra J. Watson


Lead Chair

Mr. & Mrs. David Booth Alden




Carl Aukerman

Thomas M. Begley

Tom Benda

Chris Bender

Lew Bernard, Jr.

Mr. Les Blakemore


Christopher Brandt & Beth Sersig

James Cantoni

Catterpillar Foundation

Richard R. Colbert

Frank & Madelyn Daniels

Lowell Davis

Electronic Salesmasters  Incorporated

Mary Kim Elkins

Gaylon Emond

Energizer Employee  Matching Gift Program

Erika Federmann

Andrew Fende

Jeffrey A. Fine, In Honor of Irving Fine

Arlene W. Fritz

Lois Gaynor

Michael & Susie Gottesman

Amy & Lee Handel

Ralph Harrison

Ed Hendershot

David & Nancy Holz

Michael G. Hughes

Frederick & Danielle Hunt

Karen & Marc Jaffe, In  Honor of Irving Fine

Dennis & Marilyn T. Johnson

Gary & Kay Kaplan

Gerald Keller

Lenore Kessler, In Memory of Richard Mills

Keith Kerman & Deb Leizman

Albert Leizman, In Honor of  Irving Fine

Dee & Liz Logan

Thomas Lokshin

Michael Lyford & Sonja Rajki

Amanda Matthews

Barry & Karen Moses

Larrie & Amy Nadler, In Honor of Irving Fine

Deborah L. Neale



Michael O’Donnell

Michael Olszewski

John O’Toole

Patrick & Trudy Pauken

Don & Delora Posner

Rick Puzzitiello, Jr.

Stuart B. Reese

Don & Joanne Reiss

Shirley A. Riedy

Brian Salisbury

Daniel & Barbara Sanders

Scott Sazima

David Schafer

Dr. Daniel E. Schwartz

Jay & Toby Siegel

Steve & Carol Spackey

Karen Stropkey

Carl & Shirley Topilow

Anne Wolfson

Adele & Henry Zucker, In

Memory of Richard Mills


Frank & Phyllis Abbott

Rod & Shari Allwood

Bruce & Judie Amsel







Beverly W. Arnold

Don Babets

Loretta M. Baldwin

David & Carola Bamberger

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Chaka

Sharon Coffelt

Cotter Family

Richard Dacek

Carolyn Danielson

Bonnie N. Dick

Paul D. Dietz

Mrs. John C. Ellsworth, In Memory of John C.  Ellsworth

Fab-Alloy Steel, Inc.

Ann L. & Benjamin F. Farah

Feith & J. Taylor

Jeff & Sandie Fine

Michael Fine

Martin Finegold, In Honor  of Irving Fine

Marcy Frumker

Thomas & LaCresia Gaines

Elaine Gilbert

Mary Glauser

Marlene Goodman

Carolyn E. Gordon, Ph.D.

Karen Herman


John Hersch

John & Stella Hetzer

Ellen Jenulis

Mr. & Mrs. Jack Kent

Howard A. Kline

Sheldon M. Lewin

Scott M. Lewis

Cathy J. McCall

Madeline McGrane

Mike McGraw

Tina & Ken Michaels

Don & Donalene Poduska

Alice Robinson

Donald H. Sayre, In Honor of Irving Fine

Ronald Schuller

Mary Slowey

Barbara Fitzhugh & Howie Smith

Kathy Smith

Pat Smith

Elaine Weiss

Gail Arnoff & George Woideck


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